Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO is not rocket science, but most web designers often miss the basics. If your site is ranking poorly in search engines, or if you wish to target specific keywords we can help with comprehensive SEO services. where you need to get register with any of the major search engines like Google. Once you have registered you may get your website connected to the account and find various high ranking keywords for which your competitor’s website is listed. You may monitor those keywords and find the highest budget assigned for these keywords and set your own budget for the same. The more you try to pay per click, the highest are the chances of getting your website listed in search engines. Through Google Adwords Management Tool, you would get exact picture of how much of amount you need to pay per click. We at SRG Infotech will take the whole responsibility of managing the company’s product and services. We have effective pay per click management strategy in place and we are confident that we should be able to take your website to the top level in search engines. SRG Infotech have the ability to focus on your market both Domestic and International to bring your customers directly to your online OR your brick and mortar business while we design an effective and economical web promotions package that is custom designed to market your online business, whether you require Full Search Engine Optimization, Portal Marketing, Internet Marketing, SEO Training .

Basic search Engine Optimization

You look in for a SEO Company when your site needs the best outcome for a complex web site. Search engines change the rules constantly and we SEO analyzers update ourselves with that and provide services according to it. SEO analyzers provides confidential services to its clients meeting their needs. • Website Evaluation And Analysis
• Competitive Analysis
• Site Study
• Identifying Keywords
• Best Keywords Selection
• Content Analysis
• Refining HTML Code
• Image Optimization
• Meta Tags
• Dynamic Page Optimization
• Optimized Pages Development
• Reciprocal Link Building
• Non-Reciprocal Link Building
• Search Engine Submission
• Re-Optimization / Maintenance & Monitoring
• Submission Reports
• Traffic Reports