Software Web Solutions

SRG Infotech can help you adapt Open Source software for your organization. Our expertise in software development and our abilities to work closely with our client organization lend us strength to mould this “clay-like” infrastructure. Investments in IT tend to go overboard due to high cost of purchase of proprietary software. Commercial softwares come at the cost of some rigidity since the software may not be 100% amenable to your requirements.


At SRG Infotech, we will help you to select the best suited Open Source software and rein in the cost of purchase of commercial software. We help you harness the power of the software by:
• Selecting software that is stable and reliable with a good and responsible network of developer communities, users and support forums.
• Selecting the best enhancements available with the communities of users and developers.
• Suggesting the right license mode for the OSS so that you have no problems using the OSS with any of your proprietary software.
• Developing modules/patches or tweaking existing ones that are required to suit your needs; all the while keeping a hawk eye on security related issues.
• Keeping pace with your requirements and time frames.