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By keeping your website fresh, customers will visit frequently to check out what’s new. And as your company grows, so will your site. Your company information will need updated, relative industry news will need to be added, and old articles will need to be properly archived. With the expansion of content and the correct archiving of outdated material, your site’s position in search engine rankings will improve. Website maintenance will encourage repeat visitors, increase customer activity, and ultimately enhance your site’s search engine rankings. Wherever possible, SRG Infotech a web sites and business solutions incorporate facilities to allow you to perform your own basic, daily maintenance and housekeeping. Where, however, elements of your site need updating only rarely or periodically, it may be more economical for us to agree a maintenance schedule as part of the specification of your original project and budget and perform these updates for you. All Web Site Maintenance plans include: *Testing after every edit
*Full Backup copy of your website
*Monthly, detailed invoicing
*Communication by e-mail,Phone,Chat 6 days a week.
*Friendly, personal service!
*Product changes and additions
*Updates to calendar or events

Web Maintenance

FRESH CONTENT, REGULAR UPDATES and TIMELY ENHANCEMENTS can earn websites a 'Well-Maintained' tag. Recognizing the essence of maintaining websites well, we offer maintenance services that help you tone up your web presence powerfully. From updating existing website content, imagery and feel, we polish all that is called antiquated. The Next Step Once a new website design is live, the project has not ended, but rather the needs of the site have changed. Keeping your new site fresh, accurate, and working well will maintain your company’s strong online presence while increasing visitors and activity. Website maintenance is key to the ongoing success of your website. Internet trends and technologies are constantly evolving and your business is growing. dmaxonline website maintenance plans ensure your site evolves with the changing demands. The Scope of Website Maintenance: Website maintenance needs vary by the site’s objectives, industry and more. dmaxonline website maintenance plans are customized to meet the goals of any website.